Why do people have feelings for others even after a broken heart.

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Going strong on 4 hours of sleep and a “I’m not going to puke” mindset.

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"We crack our ribs open for the wrong people, then wonder why are hearts are so bloody and mangled."
-  Michelle K., What Keeps Me Up At Night #38. (via sadlittlewords)
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I’m so sick of this.
I’m sick of pretending to be fine when all I want to do is cry.
I’m sick of being shamed for being sad because so many people have it worse than me.
I’m sick of having to see him every day and act like my heart isn’t broken.
I’m sick of having to see her everyday and act like I don’t care.
I’m just so sick of caring…but I don’t know how to stop.

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anonymous asked: companions and dark

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5 Gifs per Harry Potter Movie - Order of the Phoenix 2/5

5 Gifs per Harry Potter Movie - Order of the Phoenix 2/5

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